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Primary Science in the New Ofsted Framework

STEM Learning centre has teamed up with Carmel College to create Carmel College Science Learning Partnership or SLP.

Carmel College coordinates and manages the Cumbria and North East Science Learning Partnership (SLP), which provides quality, subject specific continuous professional development (CPD) for primary and secondary schools in the area. It is part of a network of SLPs and other support for schools that is managed by STEM Learning.

We combine local expertise in teaching and learning in science, facilitating CPD, and providing school-to-school support. We offer quality, high impact science CPD through a range of full day or twilight sessions. We also work with schools on an individual basis to provide bespoke support to meet the differing needs of schools across the area.

Please get in touch to find out how we can support the needs of you, your department and your school.

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A Department for Education spokesman said:
“We are also investing millions to raise the quality of teaching in languages and science through initiatives like the Science Learning Partnership, which benefited more than 2,600 primary schools last year alone.”


The SLP offer bursaries or Impact Awards for a targeted range of CPD activities delivered through the SLP. To find out more click here.

Enthuse Awards
Enthuse Awards are provided by Project Enthuse and they contribute towards the cost of attending CPD from the National STEM Learning Centre for UK state funded schools and colleges.Enthuse Partnership Awards is a grant of £12,000 for groups of between 4 and 8 schools or colleges wishing to work together towards achievement in science/STEM.

Please click here to find out more.


Taking Science Outside – 13.06.19 09.00-16.00
Developing the role of the subject leader – 25.09.19 & 27.11.19 09.00-16.00
Primary Science Network meetings 04.06.19 & 16.10.19
Engaging science in EYFS & Key Stage one – 13.11.19 13.00-16.00
Using computing and data logging to support primary science 20.11.19
Raising attainment in primary science 05.12.19
Leading primary science in a special educational needs setting 13.01.20
Supermarket science 29.01.20
Linking core subjects; science and mathematics KS1 12.02.20
Linking core subjects; science and mathematics KS2 12.02.20

Mini Twilight Sessions
Hooks awe and wonder – 23.10.19
Progress through topics – 04.12.19
Science tool box – 15.01.20
Facts & fiction – 05.02.20
Teaching the tricky bits – 04.03.20


Secondary network meeting – unpicking the GCSE exams – 26.09.19 16.00-17.30
Mathematics in science teaching – 27.09.19
Strengthening practical work in biology – 23.01.20
Strengthening practical work in physics – 27.02.20
Strengthening practical work in chemistry – 06.02.20

Post 16

Preparing for practical teaching and assessment in A level biology – 07.11.19
Preparing for practical teaching and assessment in A level physics – 20.11.19
Preparing for practical teaching and assessment in A level chemistry – 05.12.19

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