Science Learning Partnership


STEM Learning centre has teamed up with Carmel College to create Carmel College Science Learning Partnership or SLP.

In the North East region we aim to provide high quality CPD and training for the teaching of Primary and Secondary, FE Colleges and for science technicians at any stage of their career.

Our aim is to engage with colleagues across the region in the delivery of school based CPD and other professional opportunities. This will help us to build a network of excellent teachers.

We look forward to working with you to provide you with science CPD opportunities to meet your needs.

A Department for Education spokesman said:
“We are also investing millions to raise the quality of teaching in languages and science through initiatives like the Science Learning Partnership, which benefited more than 2,600 primary schools last year alone.”


The SLP offer bursaries or Impact Awards for a targeted range of CPD activities delivered through the SLP. To find out more click here.

Enthuse Awards
Enthuse Awards are provided by Project Enthuse and they contribute towards the cost of attending CPD from the National STEM Learning Centre for UK state funded schools and colleges.

Enthuse Partnership Awards is a grant of £12,000 for groups of between 4 and 8 schools or colleges wishing to work together towards achievement in science/STEM.

Please click here to find out more.


Raising attainment in primary science – 05.02.19
Spring into Science – EYFS ideas for spring – practical activities for EYFS – 06.02.19
Practical work in primary science – 27.02.19
Making powerful connections between primary literacy and science – 14.03.19


Quantitative chemistry, equilibrium and organic chemistry – 12.02.19 and 29.03.19
Secondary network meeting – Middlesbrough – 07.02.19
Technicians network meeting – Middlesbrough – 07.02.19