Carmel Curriculum

“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”
Isaac Newton

At Carmel we want our curriculum to –

• develop the head, the heart and hands of our students so that they can contribute to the common good in a just and fair society.

• ensure all students have the opportunity to acquire an essential core of the best knowledge we have, so they have a shared understanding of how to interpret and improve our common home.

• provide opportunities for every student to experience success by noticing and nurturing their talents, lighting the way forward for future aspirations.

• equip students with the skills, attitudes, knowledge and ambition to become the next generation of scientists, designers, engineers, composers or mathematicians.

• develop a life- long love of learning, discovery and achievement.

“Through others, we become ourselves.”
Lev S. Vygotsky

Our broad and balanced curriculum is led by curriculum leaders who ensure –

• the best subject knowledge content is selected, paced and sequenced to match the development of our learners

• learning experiences are designed to motivate, challenge and engage learners, making the curriculum meaningful for all

• there is legitimate progression for our learners from one week, month, year and key stage to the next

Overview of Key stage 3 Curriculum

Range of subjects and number of one hour periods allocated to each subject and year group

Modern Foreign Languages243
Physical Education222
Technology (RM, Textiles, Food, Electronics, CAD)211
* Identified y8/9 take extra literacy and Spanish instead of French

Overview of Key stage 4 Curriculum
SubjectTime Allocation
SubjectTime Allocation
These subjects are offered as an option with the number of groups depending on demand.

Separate Science, History, Geography French, Spanish, Food, Resistant Materials, Electronics, Textiles, Music, Art, PE Child Development, Creative Media, Business Computing, IT, CoPE, Performing Arts*
All option blocks have two hours a week
Subjects are divided into four option blocks

The PSHEE curriculum is divided into themes which are covered in roughly six-week blocks. In addition the College collapses the timetable three times across the year to run extended PSHEE sessions.

The themes are: Resilience (includes Mindfulness and Character education), Social Enterprise (includes Global Learning), Risk (includes drugs, alcohol, e-safety), RSE (Relationship and Sex Education), Financial Capability and CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance).

Overview of Key stage 5 Curriculum
SubjectTime Allocation
SubjectTime Allocation
These subjects are offered at AS/A2

Art, Art textiles, Art Photography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, PE, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, French, Spanish, Business, Computing, Product Design, Electronics, Media, Philosophy & Ethics, Sociology, Psychology, BTEC Early Years, BTEC Health & Social Care, BTEC Public Services, Music, Performing Arts, Core Maths, EPQ
Each of the five option blocks have five hours of curriculum time

Throughout KS5 PSHEE we try to prepare our students to manage their lives now as well as prepare them for their future. Topics include : public speaking, time management, tax, democracy, alcohol and drug awareness, mental health, career pathways, CV writing, SRE, stress management, presentation skills and safe driving.

In addition students complete a core enrichment programme to complement their post-16 curriculum. This consists of modules which include the following themes: Freedom; Crime and Punishment; Philosophy and the Arts; Science and Religion; Spirituality; Media; Politics, Economics and Ethics.

For further information on Curriculum please contact: Mrs Kane on 01325 254525

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