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It is our policy that all children should wear the College uniform when attending College, or when participating in College-organised events outside normal College hours. We provide a complete list of the items needed for College uniform in our College prospectus – see also appendix 1. Please note in particular:

• All pupils in Years 7 – 11 wear blazers at all times in college
• No outdoor coats to be worn in the building (these can be stored in lockers)
• No make-up (including fake tan/nail varnish) or jewellery (except small studs for girls)
• No facial/body piercings or tattoos of any description
• Grey trousers, NOT black
• Shoes – all black with no other colours, markings or branding
• No hats indoors
• No hoodies
• No footless or patterned tights
• No over-the-knee socks
• No extreme haircuts
• No chewing gum

Aims and objectives

Our policy is based on the notion that a College uniform:

• promotes a sense of pride in the College
• engenders a feeling of community and belonging
• is practical and smart
• identifies the students with the College
• is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be)
• makes students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
• is regarded as suitable, and good value for money, by most parents
• has been designed with health and safety in mind

The College accepts that there are counter-arguments, including teenagers’ desire for self-expression, cost and inconvenience to parents, time taken by College staff in enforcing uniform at the expense of education, coupled with the inevitable wish for adolescents to rebel against any imposed uniform; on balance, however, Governors have agreed that uniform should be enforced.

The Governors believe that uniform should be inclusive at all levels – socially, culturally and religiously. It should promote high aspirations, including high standards of achievement and behaviour. It should promote safety in that uniform should aid identification of students (and also those who are not students) and should consist of clothing and accessories that are practical and safe for use in college. As far as practicable, uniform should be easily available at moderate cost. Please note that uniform should be purchased on line from Elizabeth’s Embroidery Stockton. www.elizabethsembroidery.com


On health and safety grounds we do not allow students to wear jewellery, with the exception of one pair of small studs in pierced ears for girls.

Extreme haircuts

The College does not permit students to have extreme haircuts (e.g. Mohican, skin heads, sculpting etc.) colouring or haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children. Parents should also be aware that tattoos are not permitted.


The College wants all students to grow into healthy adults. We believe that it is dangerous for students to wear shoes with platform soles or high heels in College, so we do not allow this. Nor do we allow students to wear trainers to College (or shoes which resemble trainers because of distinctive markings); these are appropriate for sport or as leisurewear, but are not in keeping with the smart appearance of a college uniform. Sandals, flip flops or backless shoes should not be worn. Boots may be worn in adverse weather only and at the discretion of the Principal.


The coloured stripe in the tie denotes the House to which a student belongs and for this reason students must wear their own house-coloured tie. Clip on ties are compulsory. Lost ties must be replaced as soon as possible.


Face make-up, eye make-up and false tan are not acceptable. Nail varnish must not be worn in college. False nails (gel, acrylic, coloured tips etc) are not permitted.

PE kit

The college has a PE kit for boys and girls in years 7 – 11 which must be adhered to – see uniform list appendix 1

The role of parents/carers

We ask all parents/carers who send their children to our College for their support of the College uniform policy. We believe that parents/carers have a duty to send their children to College correctly dressed and ready for their daily college work. Parents/carers should ensure that students wear the correct uniform, and that it is clean and in good repair.

The role of Governors

The Governing Body supports the Principal in implementing the College uniform policy. It considers all representations from parents regarding this policy and liaises with the Principal, in order to ensure that the policy is implemented fairly and with sensitivity.

It is the Governors’ responsibility to ensure that the College uniform meets all national regulations concerning equal opportunities and that our College uniform policy is consistent with our policy on equal opportunities.

Governors ensure that the College uniform policy helps students to dress sensibly, in clothing that is hardwearing, safe and practical.


The Principal is expected to enforce the policy, delegating this role as appropriate the Vice Principal for Pastoral Care, PLMs, teaching and support staff.

Governors will not hear complaints against staff relating to fair enforcement of the policy.

All members of teaching and support staff have a collective responsibility to ensure that our high expectations regarding uniform are met. Teachers and Tutors are expected to check uniform at the beginning and end of each session throughout the college day.

For minor breaches of College Uniform Policy, teaching and support staff may use some or all of the following sanctions:

• A student may be required to remove excess items of jewellery or clothing if this can be done safely and decently.
• The students may be warned that their current dress is inappropriate and given a time limit to correct this (e.g. you must come in correct uniform tomorrow; within a week you must obtain correct footwear).
• The student may be isolated from mainstream classes, including break and lunchtimes, until they agree to comply with the uniform rules.
• The student may be sent home to change into correct uniform or to dress properly. This can only be done in consultation with the VP for Pastoral Care. If this does occur, it should be made absolutely clear that this is not an exclusion and the student is welcome back in school properly dressed in accordance with the College’s rules.

Where there are severe breaches of College Uniform Policy, the student may be sent home by the VP Pastoral Care as soon as is practical.

Students must not be sent home unless contact can be established with the parent/carer and either the parent/carer collects the student or agrees that the student should make their own way home. If this is not possible, then the students may be held in isolation until the end of the school day.

Again, it is emphasised that sending a student home is not exclusion. Students are required to comply with the current College uniform rule. In the event that a parent/carer disagrees with College Uniform Policy, it should be pointed out that:

Parents/carers agreed to send their child to College knowing that this was the College uniform rule agreed by Governors, and if they wish to make changes to the College uniform rules, they should make representations to the Governing Body.

In the event that parents/carers consider that the College uniform rule breaches the requirement of the College to promote equality of race or religion, it would be appropriate to request that this is processed through the College’s Complaints Procedure.

Parents who withhold their child from College because of a disagreement about College Uniform Policy render themselves open to prosecution by the Local Authority because the absence will not be authorised by the College.

Sixth form Dress code

Sixth formers are not required to wear uniform as such but do have to adhere to an agreed smart dress code which consists of black/white/grey (no denim jeans or shorts or revealing clothing). Extreme hairstyles are not permissible, neither are facial piercings.

Non-uniform days

Non-uniform days are occasionally used to reward students or to raise funds for charity/charitable causes. In these circumstances, the clothing worn by students must still comply with some of the fundamental principles:

• It must be safe and practical for College use.
• It must not promote unacceptable messages – drugs, violence, racism etc. The Principal or her representative will decide on limits of acceptability.
• It must not be too revealing.

Monitoring and review

When monitoring this policy, through its committee work, the Governing Body will:

• seek the views of parents, to be sure that they agree with the policy, and support it;
• consider with the Principal any requests from parents for individual children to have special dispensations;
• require the Principal to report to the Governors on the way the policy is being implemented.

This policy will be reviewed by the Governing Body every two years, or earlier if considered necessary.

Appendix 1

We Take Great Pride In Our Appearance

We consider it sensible to have College uniform, because students are proud to be recognised as members of Carmel College. It promotes a sense of belonging and a business-like approach to study. It is important that you are in full College uniform at all times.

Please note: ALL students in Years 7-11 are to wear blazers. Items of uniform to be purchased directly from www.elizabethsembroidery.com password: carmel. or contacting 01642 674973.

Details of uniform are:

Boys uniform:

Blazer – Navy with College badge
Trousers – Dark grey (not black)
Shirt – Plain light blue
Tie – Blue clip-on striped with house colour
Jumper – Long sleeved, navy blue ‘V’ neck only
Socks – Grey or black, not white
Shoes – All black with no other colours, markings or branding, not trainers

Girls uniform:

Blazer – Navy with College badge
Skirt – Years 7 – 11: Dark grey pleated (all round)

All skirts should be of the appropriate length i.e. no shorter than just above the knee.

Trousers – Grey (not black)
Shirt/blouse – Plain light blue, not fitted and with top fastening button.
Tie – Blue clip-on, striped with house colour
Jumper – Long sleeved, navy blue ‘V’ neck only
Tights – Navy/black (winter)
Shoes – Black – not trainers, plimsolls, boots, kitten heels or backless.
Boots may be worn in the winter months only and at the discretion of the Principal.

PE Kit

Boys P.E. and Games Kit

Royal blue football shirt
Blue shorts
Royal blue football socks with white trim
Football boots
No cycling shorts
College Tracksuit (optional)

Girls P.E. and Games Kit

White games blouse
Royal blue Skort
Royal blue games shorts (No cycling shorts)
Royal blue football socks with white trim
Sweatshirt embroidered with College name
Football boots
College Tracksuit (optional)